How to delete your ibotta account

Go to Scroll down to the data deletion section: Press the link (It is as of writing this article) Input “Right to be Forgotten” option, input your state, and select yes, then press submit. That’s it!

CTF Writeup – plumbing – PicoCTF

CTF Writeup by Frigyes Introduction This challenge was originally featured on picoCTF 2019 Description: Sometimes you need to handle process data outside of a file. Can you find a way to keep the output from this program and search for the flag? Connect to address port Solution By connecting with netcat, we are greeted with CTF Writeup – plumbing – PicoCTF

CTF Writeup – The Numbers – PicoCTF

Writeup on The Numbers challenge. This challenge was originally on PicoCTF 2019. It is now a challenge in the picoGym
Decription: The numbers… what do they mean?